New Release: Single Dads Need Love Too

Being a single parent is hard but being a single dad to three girls is arduous. But for thirty-eight-year-old Mathias Dean, he makes it look easy. As a single dad, Math’s number one priority has always been his girls. The last love of his life was his high school sweetheart, wife and the mother of his girls. But when he finds her on her knees in an alley giving head for rocks his happy home crumbs. Never being the one to run from a challenge, Math takes on the role of a single parent. Finding love has never been an item on his to do list, but after a few encounters with a beautiful stranger he finds sleeping behind the dumpsters of his store, Math is opened to giving love a chance again.

China White is twenty-nine and has been on streets since she was a teenager. At sixteen she gets involved with a maniacal pimp name Modell who manipulates her into working for him. After thirteen years of physical, mental, and sexual abuse, China slowly starts to realize this life is not what she wants anymore. After many attempts of trying to get from under Modell’s grasp, none has never been successful. That is until she meets her very own Captain Save a Hoe name Math.

Although their first encounter left her with a knot on her head the size of a grapefruit, China has never felt safer in a man’s presence. Math gives her a job, a place to stay and hope for a future and a love that she has never experienced.

Modell is as vicious as pimps come. He’s all about money, power, and respect and when he feels disrespected things can get brutal. After Math interferes with Modell’s business, Modell is on a path for revenge.

Things between Math and China seems to be heading in all the right directions, but when Math’s daughter Tika becomes a casualty in this war with Modell, China sees the future she imagines with Math slowly start to diminish. That’s not their only obstacle. Math’s wife is back and will do anything to reclaim her spot back, even if she has to get rid of China herself.

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New Release: Foolishly Devoted by Quiana Nicole

What happens when you willingly enter a relationship knowing that man belongs to someone else? Do you catch feelings and dream of your future with someone else’s man while you wait for him to leave his girl?

Meet Samara and August, two women that quickly forget their roles as the side chick because both of them are determined to become the main chick in Da’Wan’s life. The problem is…Ajai is Da’Wan’s leading lady, and despite the promises he’s made to both of them, Ajai is the only one that holds his heart and who he refers to as wifey.

Ajai strongly believes that Da’Wan is her soulmate and does whatever it takes to make her relationship work, regardless of all of the times he’s stepped out on her. Will Ajai ever realize that she can fight every chick that crosses Da’Wan’s path, but the end results will always be the same? Will she ever get tired of fighting for someone that continues to have her looking like a fool?

A chick on the side will only stay in her lane for so long. Even if those lines were defined, to begin with, it won’t be long before she starts wanting to be more than a secret. Will Samara and August get fed up and realize they deserve so much more than coming second and third to someone else? Or will they continue to happily play the side?

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New Release: Loving All of Me in the Right Ways by Mz. Jetson

Imani Pierce never imagined a future without her fiance and longtime boyfriend, Terrance Marshall, by her side. Although she loves him to death, she eventually leaves due to his numerous infidelities. When she learns that one of his mistresses may be pregnant with his first child, she turns to her friends for support, but find that they may not have her best interest at heart, either.

Noni Wiley, Imani’s best friend, always has her back, but lately she’s been plotting and scheming against her just to hide her own dirty secrets. When the opportunity comes to use Terrance’s mistress as a pawn, Noni jumps at the chance, causing a ripple effect in their friendship and exposing the dark truths she tried to keep from her husband.

Twenty-five year-old and new to the city, Lavendar St. James has already found herself surrounded by enemies. As a Miami-bred bitch, she can peep the fake and phony shit between the women, especially when they start to get curious about who fathered her child. She chooses to entertain them, but plans to stay with her baby daddy, Terrance, and keep him a secret for as long as possible, that is…until her plan begins to unravel before her very eyes.

In the end, these women have issues to sort out between the different drama, betrayals and men in their lives, but the one thing they definitely have in common…

They all desire to be loved in the right ways.

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