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Entice more fans and give your readers a chance to get to know you as an Author when you sign up for MzJetson.Com’s Meet & Greet! Our Meet & Greets consists of a one-hour discussion in our public Facebook Group. You will be asked a series a questions from our team and participating members! Giveaways and eBook signings are optional, but recommended!

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Author Speaks Interview + Advertising

Give your readers an in-depth look into your past or current novel when you submit your free Author Speaks Interview! Your title will appear in MzJetson.Com’s blog between Monday-Friday starting at 9a and will be advertised for 24 hours.

To advertise your Author Speaks Interview via social networks, we offer Author Speaks Advertisement and marketing. We promote your title in 10 Facebook groups and on MzJetson.Com’s social media pages once a day for seven days for just $15.

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LitWheel of Fortune! – Sitewide Sale


Spin the LitWheel of Fortune and receive up to 30% off the entire site – no exceptions! Click the pink moneybag listed on the left side of our website to access the game. An email address is required to play. Participants have up to two chances to win! Coupon expires within sixty minutes of receipt. Valid to the first 10 customers only. This offer ends January 8, 2021 11:59p ET.

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