New Release: Single Dads Need Love Too

Being a single parent is hard but being a single dad to three girls is arduous. But for thirty-eight-year-old Mathias Dean, he makes it look easy. As a single dad, Math’s number one priority has always been his girls. The last love of his life was his high school sweetheart, wife and the mother of his girls. But when he finds her on her knees in an alley giving head for rocks his happy home crumbs. Never being the one to run from a challenge, Math takes on the role of a single parent. Finding love has never been an item on his to do list, but after a few encounters with a beautiful stranger he finds sleeping behind the dumpsters of his store, Math is opened to giving love a chance again.

China White is twenty-nine and has been on streets since she was a teenager. At sixteen she gets involved with a maniacal pimp name Modell who manipulates her into working for him. After thirteen years of physical, mental, and sexual abuse, China slowly starts to realize this life is not what she wants anymore. After many attempts of trying to get from under Modell’s grasp, none has never been successful. That is until she meets her very own Captain Save a Hoe name Math.

Although their first encounter left her with a knot on her head the size of a grapefruit, China has never felt safer in a man’s presence. Math gives her a job, a place to stay and hope for a future and a love that she has never experienced.

Modell is as vicious as pimps come. He’s all about money, power, and respect and when he feels disrespected things can get brutal. After Math interferes with Modell’s business, Modell is on a path for revenge.

Things between Math and China seems to be heading in all the right directions, but when Math’s daughter Tika becomes a casualty in this war with Modell, China sees the future she imagines with Math slowly start to diminish. That’s not their only obstacle. Math’s wife is back and will do anything to reclaim her spot back, even if she has to get rid of China herself.

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