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As we offer many service, promotion and advertisement packages, we are asked many questions via email or chat regarding details of a product selected. To make things easier for our customers, we added a Question and Answer section on each product page to use at your convenience. Simply submit your question and check back for a reply! All questions and responses will appear on that specific page. For additional ways to reach out, you can always utilize our contact page!

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Visitor Traffic Update

It has been awhile since we have kept track of our Visitor Traffic Updates, so we wanted to provide you with current stats. We are very happy to know that Literary Brand Advertising has been visited over 100k times since opening just FIVE MONTHS AGO! Thank you all very much for taking the time, and for your continued support.

In the meantime, if you haven’t registered for your free Customer account, we urge you to do so now! As a LB member, you’re privy to receiving rewards, credits and more! Just click the button to register.

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Publishers Directory + Promotion Package

We’ve taken the liberty of adding a Publishers Directory to our website for aspiring Writers, established Authors and publishing companies! If you are searching for a new company to call home, you will have the opportunity to view our directory’s list that will have multiples options in one place.

Publishers, you can also submit your Company’s Website/Facebook Page and Description at your convenience. At a LIFETIME introductory rate of only $5, your information will be listed indefinitely. To order, click here! This offer is for a limited time only.

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LitWheel of Fortune! – Sitewide Sale


Spin the LitWheel of Fortune and receive up to 30% off the entire site – no exceptions! Click the pink moneybag listed on the left side of our website to access the game. An email address is required to play. Participants have up to two chances to win! Coupon expires within sixty minutes of receipt. Valid to the first 10 customers only. This offer ends January 8, 2021 11:59p ET.

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Referral Affiliate Program Update

What is a Referral Affiliate?
Referral Affiliates are automatically entered into our program and provided a unique Referral ID to receive free rewards after joining our network as a Customer, Vendor or Classifieds Employer.

How does this work?
When your New Referral creates an account or places an order for the first time on our website (may use guest checkout), you will receive a free reward from us!

What if they do both?
If the person you referred registers for a new account AND places an order, you will receive two free rewards!

Can my rewards expires?
No! Any rewards provided to you will not expire until used.

Is there any additional information?
As these modifications have taken place, please note that all referral links are now disabled. Current members will receive an email that will include your unique Referral ID. For additional details on newer changes, please see our Referral Affiliate section under the programs page!

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