Literary Brand Programs

When you think Volunteer, we are sure the word ‘free’ comes to mind, however, that is not how we operate! Although we do not accept official employment to the point of requiring personal information such as the number of your dependents or social security number, we are asking for additional help by applying as a Volunteer for Literary Brand or MzJetson.Com. Available Full-time, part-time, Freelance, Intern and Temporary positions are posted on our jobs listing page and actually comes with some type of paid benefit not to entice you, but to inform you that not all of your hard work will go in vain. Payment of any programs needed to successfully meet your duties are paid by us and most positions receives credits, compensation or commission. To make sure that we’re on the up-and-up with our Volunteers and that our trust is valuable, a 50% deposit is sent prior to the start of any work and the balance sent after work is completed (unless otherwise stated).

Please note that all Volunteers will have to go through a 30-45 minute interview process and complete an Orientation packet upon hire. New hires may also have to complete a paid training course before starting position.

For details and/or guidelines for additional Employers on our jobs listing page, please see their contact information and/or website to inquire.


Credit Rewards
Credits can be earned by Customers when you shop, participate (check personal promotional inbox for messages) and refer new customers. Each credit received can be converted into dollars to use during checkout through our store (ie: 1 credit = $1). Balance and tracking of your credits is located in your account dashboard to view at any time. Credit conversion cannot be used on gift certificate/gift services purchases or transferred to PayPal, Cash App or any other method of payment. Credits can only be applied via LiteraryBrandAdvertising.Com where applicable.


Referral Affiliate
Referral Affiliates are automatically entered into our program and provided a unique Referral ID after joining our network as a Customer, Vendor or Classifieds Employer. When your New Referral creates an account or places an order for the first time on our website (may checkout as a guest), you will receive a free reward from us! If the person you referred registers for a new account AND places an order, you will receive two free rewards.

New Referrals must provide your Referral ID during account registration or during order placement in order for you to receive your free gift(s). All reward offers are sent to your email address that we have on file and will change accordingly. Any requests to modify reward offers will be declined. Reward offers will not expire until used.


Loyalty Rewards
Loyalty Rewards is a program for MzJetson.Com Customers, who has purchased monthly eBook advertising since January 1st, 2020. Any customer/single Author who has purchased 12 months OR $350 worth of advertising will receive a personal 5% discount code to use on at their discretion. Any publishing company that has had 10+ Authors individually represented by us will receive a 10% discount code for any of their Authors to use at their discretion. Coupons expire one year from the date of creation and can be combined with MzJetson.Com eBook Advertisement Packages only and any other offers/discounts/promotions provided by MzJetson.Com. It cannot be used with Literary Brand services and/or products or any other vendor’s services/products. A single Author coupon cannot be used by another individual, Author and/or Publisher or coupon will become inactive. A publishing company cannot provide discount code to other companies or Author(s) outside of specific company. Failure to follow guidelines will result in termination in our program.

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