Writing Tips: Backstory Ideas

Are you writing a story or novel and need backstory ideas for your character (s)? Literary Brand has compiled a list of short backstory ideas that may be helpful with your character’s profile. See our list below:

  • Your character decides to learn how to ride a motorcycle, and never could get the hang of it.
  • A humiliating prank your character plays on a close friend leads to a long-term distrust.
  • Your character’s life is complicated by a chronic illness in youth.
  • Being treated unfairly by the justice system leads your character feeling betrayed.
  • Your character has few friends growing up due to paranoia.
  • Seeing someone treated abusively by teachers leaves your character distrustful of authority.
  • An act of inconsiderate behavior loses your character a best friend.
  • Your character’s life is complicated by an injury sustained in adulthood.
  • The incarnation of a guardian leaves your character wondering how things might have been otherwise.
  • Your character’s moral values leads to familial rejection.


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