New Release: Loving All of Me in the Right Ways by Mz. Jetson

Imani Pierce never imagined a future without her fiance and longtime boyfriend, Terrance Marshall, by her side. Although she loves him to death, she eventually leaves due to his numerous infidelities. When she learns that one of his mistresses may be pregnant with his first child, she turns to her friends for support, but find that they may not have her best interest at heart, either.

Noni Wiley, Imani’s best friend, always has her back, but lately she’s been plotting and scheming against her just to hide her own dirty secrets. When the opportunity comes to use Terrance’s mistress as a pawn, Noni jumps at the chance, causing a ripple effect in their friendship and exposing the dark truths she tried to keep from her husband.

Twenty-five year-old and new to the city, Lavendar St. James has already found herself surrounded by enemies. As a Miami-bred bitch, she can peep the fake and phony shit between the women, especially when they start to get curious about who fathered her child. She chooses to entertain them, but plans to stay with her baby daddy, Terrance, and keep him a secret for as long as possible, that is…until her plan begins to unravel before her very eyes.

In the end, these women have issues to sort out between the different drama, betrayals and men in their lives, but the one thing they definitely have in common…

They all desire to be loved in the right ways.

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Loving All of Me In The Right Ways Acknowledgements

As many of you know, Loving All of Me In The Right Ways, by Mz. Jetson will be released soon and we are giving the first lucky readers to have their names listed in the acknowledgements section! To have your name featured, simply join Mz. Jetson’s Facebook Group and comment with your first name on the related post (posted in the announcements). We will be accepting names until Thursday, September 24, 12p EST. Thanks!

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Coming Soon: Playing The Game of Love by Janie De Coster

Donovan Lattimore has lived a privileged life of fame and fortune and is accustomed to getting what he wants. He’s married to his lovely wife Charlene while still holding onto his side chick Cassandra. Now ten years later, Cassandra reveals a secret that pushes Donovan over the edge, threatening not only his marriage but his mentality as well.

Winston Taylor, Donavan’s best friend, and business partner share the wealth and feels just as entitled. He loves the ladies and bones anything in a skirt. While appearing to be the loyal and faithful husband to his supportive wife Dawn and the perfect father to their two little boys. But another child has been added to this family, and it’s not with his wife.

Donavan and Winston are playing the game of love, but it’s going to take them down a dark and dangerous path, causing one man to turn against the other.

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