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New Release: Foolishly Devoted by Quiana Nicole

What happens when you willingly enter a relationship knowing that man belongs to someone else? Do you catch feelings and dream of your future with someone else’s man while you wait for him to leave his girl?

Meet Samara and August, two women that quickly forget their roles as the side chick because both of them are determined to become the main chick in Da’Wan’s life. The problem is…Ajai is Da’Wan’s leading lady, and despite the promises he’s made to both of them, Ajai is the only one that holds his heart and who he refers to as wifey.

Ajai strongly believes that Da’Wan is her soulmate and does whatever it takes to make her relationship work, regardless of all of the times he’s stepped out on her. Will Ajai ever realize that she can fight every chick that crosses Da’Wan’s path, but the end results will always be the same? Will she ever get tired of fighting for someone that continues to have her looking like a fool?

A chick on the side will only stay in her lane for so long. Even if those lines were defined, to begin with, it won’t be long before she starts wanting to be more than a secret. Will Samara and August get fed up and realize they deserve so much more than coming second and third to someone else? Or will they continue to happily play the side?

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