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Would you like your very own newsletter mailing list subscription to reach out to your loyal readers and/or customers? Starting at only $15, we will create and manage a mailing list subscription customized for your brand!

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Daily: Send up to thirty different advertisements every day for one month for only $45

Weekly: Send up to four different advertisements twice per month for only $35

Bi-Weekly: Send up to two different advertisements twice per month for only $25

Monthly: Send one advertisement once a month for only $15

About Your Newsletter

Management: Literary Brand creates, manages and send out newsletters for your books, products, services, events and or company/brand.

Social Media Promotion: Your mailing list will be advertised five days a week, Monday through Friday, via Literary Brand’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) once a day.

Mailing Options: We have four different newsletter options to suit your needs: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly starting at only $15! Each package is 30 days each.

Customizations: For your newsletter, we provide a general graphic with your name and a solid color footer image. If you request to change your header and/or footer image, the maximum width for your graphic should be no more than 600px (pixels).

Requirements: Clients are responsible for providing all graphics and/or text ads for mailing list subscription. A form will be provided to send your information at your convenience.

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