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Package A
Advertise only one eBook title for 30 days to thousands of visitors per month!


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Package B
Advertise only one eBook title for 30 days to thousands of visitors per month!


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Package C
Advertise two to three eBook titles for 30 days to thousands of visitors per month!


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Package D
Advertise four to six eBook titles for 30 days to thousands of visitors per month!


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Package E
Advertise seven to nine eBook titles for 30 days to thousands of visitors per month!


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Package F
Advertise ten eBook titles maximum for 30 days to thousands of visitors per month!


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  • Event Calendar: A Personal Event Calendar will be provided to you prior to starting service. It will include all advertising dates, blogging dates, reviews and giveaway as they occur;
  • Blog Advertisements: One blog post a week per title, which includes book cover, synopsis, up to three 5-Star reviews, and purchase link;
  • Sidebar Advertisements: Title cover(s) will be shown on 90% of pages on MzJetson.Com 24/7;
  • Store Advertisements: Each title will appear in our Author eBooks Store. This includes cover, synopsis, price, and external link to purchase ebook. Hits counter included in real-time;
  • Social Media Advertisements: All titles will be advertised once a day on our social media pages: Facebook Group, 1-Click Facebook Group, Twitter, Instagram, GoodReads and BlackPlanet pages, including Literary Brand’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Book cover and synopsis OR custom flyer and text ad may be used;
  • Review: One to two reviews per month. Reviews will appear on Amazon.Com, GoodReads.Com and MzJetson.Com. Package E & F will receive review for three titles. Please note that we do not charge for reviews. The Book Review Speedpass is included with your purchase. See our book review and Speedpass guidelines here;
  • Giveaway: One giveaway per month. MzJetson.Com is at liberty to choose which title if advertising more than one. Package E & F is entitled to three giveaways.

New Applicants Only: We offer one free week of advertising for new clients who has never advertised with MzJetson.Com! Our complimentary package includes Store, Blog, and Social Media advertising for seven days for one title. Our only requirement is to follow us on Instagram and Twitter. To order, please click here. Before placing your order, review our Clientele List to ensure that we have not represented you as far as Advertising (Book Review requests also appears on that list). You will be notified via email within 48 hours regarding your inquiry. Any previous advertising will result in cancellation of your order.

Unique Inspirations Promo: Title(s) will be advertised by Unique Inspirations which includes Facebook Groups Advertising (up to 400 groups) with additional postings on their Instagram and Twitter pages for one week, two weeks or 30 days. Advertisements are posted seven days a week, not including major holidays. Please see product pages for unique promo details.


  • To get started, please make sure to place your order via LBA.Com. After order placement and payment verification, an email will be sent to your promotional inbox. Titles must be coming soon or in ebook format only. Amazon links provided for your books will be generated by MzJetson.Com into Amazon referral URLs that will link back to your book;
  • We currently accept PayPal, Credit/Debit via PayPal, Cash App and/or partial/full credits. If paying with Cash App, please enter your Cash App username in the Cash App field to verify for payment. Cash App payment must be sent immediately after order placement (a reminder email will be sent). Order(s) will cancel after 24 hours if no payment received;
  • Quantity selected during checkout represents number of months you would like to advertise. Advertising packages are monthly and days are Monday-Friday, once a day. Blog Advertisements are posted during the weekends with Social Media Advertisement;
  • After payment verification, you will be notified via email with further instructions on how to submit your book info and book cover/graphic;
  • All ads posted on Facebook/Instagram will include the tagline “Advertise with MzJetson.Com!” Facebook Ads may be posted by Mz. Jetson (Latorria Jetson).;
  • Be sure to join our Facebook Group to be tagged when your ad(s) are posted.

Please note that MzJetson.Com is not responsible for any decrease or increase in personal sales or ranking on Amazon.

Loyalty Rewards is a program for MzJetson.Com Customers, who has purchased monthly eBook advertising since January 1st, 2020. Any customer/single Author who has purchased 12 months OR $350 worth of advertising will receive a personal 5% discount code to use at their discretion. Any publishing company that has had 10+ Authors individually represented by us will receive a 10% discount code for any of their Authors to use at their discretion. Coupons expire one year from the date of creation and can be combined with MzJetson.Com eBook Advertisement Packages only and any other offers/discounts/promotions provided by MzJetson.Com. It cannot be used with Literary Brand services and/or products or any other vendor’s services/products. A single Author coupon cannot be used by another indiviual, Author and/or Publisher or coupon will become inactive. A publishing company cannot provide discount code to other companies or Author(s) outside of specific company. Failure to follow guidelines will result in termination in our program.


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