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We have had the wonderful opportunity to work with unknown, well-known and very well-known Authors as far as advertising, reviews/blog marketing, giveaways and so on! Take a look at our Clientele List to see everyone we have advertised and are currently advertising for – then view and order our services to have your name appear below.

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There are currently 76 Clients in this directory
Alexander M. Smith
Annitia L. Jackson
Ash Ley
Azaaa Davis
Brenda Jackson
Bryanna Mone't
Charlotte Clegg
Christina Fletcher
D.S. Pais
Dani Lane
Daphne Moore
Dean Hamid
Deidre Leshay
Delicious David
E. Nigma
Eric Jerome Dickey
Fatima Munroe
J. Pierce
Janie De Coster
Keisha Powers
Kendra Spencer
Kevin Macklin
Kimberla Lawson Roby
Kimberly A. Lagrone-Demarco
Kori Jaye
Lakisha Johnson
Latrese Riley
Linda Diane Wattley
Mary Monroe
Michael Shina Crown
Mike Braxton
Monae Nicole
Monique L. Donaldson
Myiesha Mason
Mz. Jetson
Natalie Sade
Natasha T. Hill
Nicole Shephard
Omar Tyree
P. Walter Gagnon
Quiana Nicole
Ray Anselmo
Recie D.
Reds Johnson
ReNita A. Burgess
Richi V
Rodriquez Jackson
Rudolph Murphy Jr.
S. Cassadera
Sa'id Salaam
Sabrina Jenkins
Shanjida Nusrath Ali
Shonda Lanae
Sincerely No Shade
Sourav Das
Sparkle Riley
Stephen Prosper
Sydney Arrison
Tabitha Darling
Tamika Newhouse
Tee Renee
Tiffany Haynes
Tisha Andrews
Wahida Clark
Yvonne Robertson

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