The Trap Fantasy
Author: Mz. Jetson Publisher: Slay Girl Publications Published: 14 Mar, 2021 Pages: 145 Pages Buy Now

Nineteen-year-old Bella Krauss was born with a silver spoon, but never had a chance to experience the perfect life she thought she deserved. As a little girl, she knew that she was destined to become a superstar, but her fate changed on the night of her father’s murder. Leaving behind a reality she hated, she relocates to Florida with her best friend, but soon learns that Sierra has alternate plans of her own. As Bella’s concern over Sierra’s erratic behavior increases and true colors are shown, plans for her future comes to a complete standstill. When lies, deception and Bella’s past ultimately collides, she realizes that she may already be trapped inside of a fantasy that she can’t escape from.

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