The Next Factor
Author: Bella Shon Publisher: Unique Creations Publications Published: 20 Dec, 2020 Pages: 184 Pages Buy Now

Nia is a sexy busy career mom of fraternal twins, Dallas and Starr. All of their lives are perfect! Nia works at the job of her dreams that she really does not need because she has a great business. She works with her lifelong best friend, Jaeda, and she just met the man of her dreams, Jason, divorced dad of 3.

But her world is about to be flipped when her doggish ex-fiance’ and thought to be, baby daddy, Brian, gets released from prison. He assumes he will have the all-American Dream life with Nia and the twins and his side-chick, Ebony. But wait… Brian has not heard from Nia nor Ebony the whole time he was locked up. He has a forgiving heart. He had them both set up to live good before he had to go to prison. So, it should be all good once he gets home. Right?

Brian’s all-time bottom boo, Ebony, has her heart set on Brian’s desires for Nia, the twins, and herself, all living the life of luxury together under one roof. Ebony is all good with this plan for her own reasons.
No one knows that Brian becoming a different man because he is now a dad and he wants things to be different. Brian also doesn’t know that there’s a new man in the picture here threatening to steal Nia’s heart and show her what Brian hopes he can redeem himself and do. Now baby mama drama that Brian wasn’t prepared for is in the forecast.

Everyone’s plans unravel, as they all get one surprise after another with this page-turner.

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