Premonition: A Short Story Prequel
Author: Mz. Jetson Publisher: Slay Girl Publications Published: 23 Jan, 2019 Pages: 62 Pages Buy Now

What do you do when you’re forewarned that your life is about to change, but not for the better?

Joslyn Lee has always been the type to put others needs before her own, including her alcoholic mother and her always-too-busy boyfriend, Mark. Other than a few minor adjustments, she thinks all is well in her life until a series of unfortunate events topples in her lap, leaving her wondering if it’s fate or just a little bad luck.

As these occurrences began to drive a wedge between the people she loves and change her doting and easygoing personality; it also brings out secrets from the past. She realizes in order to regain control of her life, she will have to put herself first–and when she does, that’s when her nightmare begins. Will she wake up praying that it is all a dream or will her premonition become reality?

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