The Trap Fantasy

Nineteen-year-old Bella Krauss was born with a silver spoon, but never had a chance to experience the perfect life she thought she deserved. As a little girl, she knew that she was destined to become a superstar, but her fate changed on the night of her father’s murder. Leaving behind a reality she hated, she relocates to Florida with her best friend, but soon learns that Sierra has alternate plans of her own. As Bella’s concern over Sierra’s erratic behavior increases and true colors are shown, plans for her future comes to a complete standstill. When lies, deception and Bella’s past ultimately collides, she realizes that she may already be trapped inside of a fantasy that she can’t escape from.

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The Next Factor

Nia is a sexy busy career mom of fraternal twins, Dallas and Starr. All of their lives are perfect! Nia works at the job of her dreams that she really does not need because she has a great business. She works with her lifelong best friend, Jaeda, and she just met the man of her dreams, Jason, divorced dad of 3.

But her world is about to be flipped when her doggish ex-fiance’ and thought to be, baby daddy, Brian, gets released from prison. He assumes he will have the all-American Dream life with Nia and the twins and his side-chick, Ebony. But wait… Brian has not heard from Nia nor Ebony the whole time he was locked up. He has a forgiving heart. He had them both set up to live good before he had to go to prison. So, it should be all good once he gets home. Right?

Brian’s all-time bottom boo, Ebony, has her heart set on Brian’s desires for Nia, the twins, and herself, all living the life of luxury together under one roof. Ebony is all good with this plan for her own reasons.
No one knows that Brian becoming a different man because he is now a dad and he wants things to be different. Brian also doesn’t know that there’s a new man in the picture here threatening to steal Nia’s heart and show her what Brian hopes he can redeem himself and do. Now baby mama drama that Brian wasn’t prepared for is in the forecast.

Everyone’s plans unravel, as they all get one surprise after another with this page-turner.

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Pretty Bitches N Tha Trap

Are you at the table or on the menu?

What happens when the game changes? What happens when you leave a successful career for the dope game? What happens when you’re moving big weight through the City of St. Louis? What happens when everything you touch turns into gold? What started as a way to repay a debt has turned into a way of life. You create a long line of frenemies. Your circle becomes very small. What do you do when you’re ready to end it all? Will you continue to get caught up or walk away from it all?

Join Skyy, Asia, Raine, and Raven as they learn what it means to be pretty b*tches in the trap. Game on and all bets off. They run the show and they make all the rules. It’s a woman’s world…

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For Everybody

Why do men feel the need to lie about their intentions? They could have it all only if they were honest about what the situation is.

​What happens when you belong to everybody and nobody?

​We all have to face our dirty deeds. Arizona has done his fair share of dirt. He is currently in his feelings with another woman that’s not his current girlfriend. He’s always played the field and never thought about it twice. Will he change his doggish ways or will he lose everything he ever wanted?

​Cash loves a good time, especially in the bedroom. He’s addicted to cheap thrills. He’s supposed to be in a committed relationship but his actions don’t support that. What he doesn’t know is that he’s not the only one with secrets. Will he realize he’s been a player and not the coach?

​Eugene thinks he has the game and gone with it. He loves variety and always thinks he has what every lady wants. Eugene has some issues from his past that he has never dealt with. Will he get caught up in the wrong things and learn the lesson a little too late?

Follow Arizona, Cash, and Eugene through their dawg azz tales as they learn what it truly means to be for everybody. Sometimes when you think you’re running the game; the coach is playing you the whole time. You can’t keep f*cking over people and not realizing our games will catch up with us.

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Family & Friends: The “F” Word Will Fu*k You Every Time

Is loyalty just a word?

Family and friends should be the anchor that holds us through life’s storms. What happens when family and friends are just words? Families and friends can hold secrets and tell lies. The ones you love don’t love you back. The “F” word has the power to destroy everything you touch. They keep us held hostage with their fake love and demands. The “F” word will fuck you every time. When does it become enough? When do you let go and learn the most valuable life lessons? Family and friends aren’t everything!

Join Wynter while she learns as seasons change, so do people. Some bonds are meant to be broken.

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Right Game Wrong Bitch: Love is a Deadly Game

Are you the prey or the predator?

What happens when you meet the perfect woman? She has the perfect curves, attitude, and demeanor. She exceeds every requirement you have for the opposite sex. She is your soulmate, so you thought.

Ivy is a beautiful woman with every quality a man needs. She’s successful, sassy, and sexy. She’s a gift that keeps on giving. She will spin you in her web until it’s too late.

What glitters isn’t always gold. What if women came with warning labels? What happens when we’re attracted to superficial things? You fall in love with the wrong one, and there’s no going back. Find out what it truly means when you’ve found the ONE…

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Are you on the side of right or wrong?

Scandalous – (of a state of affairs) disgracefully bad, typically as a result of someone’s negligence or irresponsibility.

Welcome to a world where anything goes. People have no conscience or morals. They get over on people and don’t give it a second thought. What’s done in the dark, shall come to the light. They live in the moment and jeopardize their future for nothing.

Join a group of friends who don’t have a clue until it’s too late. Find out if the lessons learned will be applied. Sooner or later, we have to face the scandalous shit we do.

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The Lies We Tell To Protect The Secrets We Keep

Are you keeping a secret?

Welcome to the world where secrets rule, lies are part of the deal and you can’t decipher what’s real or fake. It’s cheaper to be yourself. How much can someone take before the lies told to destroy everything they have? Let us take a journey to find out…

Follow a group of friends as they learn what it means to live in truth. They all will learn valuable lessons when it comes to the affairs of the heart. You have to be true to yourself above anything else. Secrets hurt and lies destroy.

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Keeping Up With The Joneses

Don’t act like y’all don’t know somebody that’s living like the Joneses but don’t have their money! They are barely making ends meet but they have brand new cars and designer clothes and shoes. Keeping Up With. The Joneses explores all of that and more.

Welcome to Eden’s Lake where the wealthy, barely making ends meet and fake reside. I’m going to let you enter the world of people who don’t have it all. They pretend to be something they are not. Their attitudes are judgmental. They believe in material possessions. They can barely afford to keep the gas in those luxury cars. They are in so much debt. They are too busy trying to keep up with the Joneses, but they don’t have their money. Money doesn’t buy everything…or does it?

There is a new neighbor, Nuri Stevens, she does not belong in the community. She sticks out like a sore thumb. She has the means to live there but lacks the attitude. She has already learned the most valuable lessons in life. Within a few weeks of meeting her neighbors, Nuri’s understanding of the world turns upside down, and she finds herself fighting to prove their opinions wrong and the love of men who may not have the ability to return her the favor.

Will she get caught up in the drama and forget what life has taught her? Can Nuri find love with the two men who stole her heart? Can Nuri make her neighbors realize what’s important in life before it’s too late?

Welcome home…

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Hustlers in Heelz

When an anonymous person begins creating gangs to take over all territories in Chatham County, lives are flipped upside after a well-known and beloved crime boss is publicly targeted. While Sierra, Alexis and Desire deal with their own separate affairs, their worlds quickly collide during a string of burglaries, kidnappings and corrupt violence caused by the new gangs.

As they discover the man who’s really behind it all, the trio soon realizes that he will destroy them in more ways than one if they don’t learn to shred their egos to truly ban together.

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