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My name is Candice and my chosen pen name is Candylickherr. The name stands out and is unique like the books I write. I am an untouchable and unapologetic storyteller. I was born to write dope stories. I always knew I wanted to be an author since I was a little girl. I spent my summers engrossed in books, while all the other kids my age were out playing.

However, I didn’t start writing until later in life. I loved books, and I always knew this was something I wanted to do, so I chose to explore it more intently. I found myself on a different career path and I pretty much became this late bloomer to writing. With no formal training or degree, I taught myself how to become a writer and I never gave up on my dream I knew was always there. So in 2019, I signed to Major Key Publishing. So far, I have seven books published and many more to come. I’m creating my own lane one book at a time.

In my books, I love to explore all relationship dynamics with a twist. I put a spin on urban romance and drama. My novels crossover into different genres with twists and turns. I love writing stories about how people choose to live their lives and the consequences of their actions.

My goal is to bring exposure to these wonderful situations through fictional characters. My stories take you on a journey. If I make you uncomfortable, infuriate, inspire, or influence with the books I write, I’m fulfilling my passion. We live in a world where judgment is passed all the time. However, how someone chooses to live their lives should never be a prerequisite for acceptance.

You’ll never know what you’ll find between those pages! I suggest y’all take the journey to find out.

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What is your favorite novel from Author Candylickherr?
What is your favorite novel from Author Candylickherr?
What is your favorite novel from Author Candylickherr?

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  1. This book was so very good! It had me laughing and crying. These people had some crazy lives. They lived like there was no tomorrow! If you are looking for a fire read, this is it!

  2. There was nothing I disliked about this book. I actually feel every character role was well written. I always want the good to come out of every story and I was truly happy with the ending. The scary part is, there is an Autumn walking around in society everyday. Wynter was the backbone, and Summer was not as nieveve as I thought she’d be. Read it. You won’t regret it. My dislike was the story should have been longer. Finished the book before my shift was over.

  3. Super dope book by an amazing author. I’ve read other books by her and she never disappoints!! This book teaches so many lessons while delivering the drama!! It’s a page turner for sure. You definitely need more people like Nuri in your life.

  4. This book was really good from beginning to end. It was so full of drama, lies and secrets everywhere. These charges so much going on and they were just plain crazy acting. Each chapter was full of drama and each characters being exposed of their secrets. Enjoyed the storyline and these characters and I couldn’t put it down. Kept me wondering what was happening next.

  5. This is a book that you will not be willing to put down. It makes a quite a enjoyable read and has you wanting more. This four ladies will make you feel everything they feel and you will love them hate them and feel like you known them all your life. I fully recommend this book!!!!

  6. Scandalous was the first book, I read by Candylickherr, and I loved it. I planned to read more of her books. This was a book , I could hardly put down. I work sometimes, I hard to put it down at those times, but I would read it my lunch break. The character were memorable especially Carmyn, Saige, Madison. I look forward to reading more of your books. Best of luck.

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