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Who We Are

Literary Brand Advertising is an online marketing and outsourcing platform for all in the literary industry. For the past five years, we have aimed to represent Authors/Publishers and their brand by promoting their materials to larger audiences on websites and social media platforms. Today, we have expanded to working with events, products and/or services! Even though we are our own entity and our name may have changed, we still hold the same values and great customer service qualities as before.

What We Offer

As a marketing platform, our main goal and mission is to gain more exposure for our clients. To do that, we provide several different advertising options to better suit what you are searching for and what your brand currently needs. As a customer or member of Literary Brand, you will be privvy to receiving and earning credits, becoming a part of our network, joining our programs, participating in giveaways/contests, accessing your personal inbox, owning your own store and so much more!

How We Operate

LBA operates as an e-Commerce site to shop, apply as a vendor, list your classified advertisements submit interviews and volunteer. We accept payments via third-party companies such as Cash App and PayPal OR LBA credits. Upon creating your account, the option of remaining a customer or becoming a member is solely your choice. Either selection will be a great benefit for your brand and an added bonus to marketing your dream into a reality.

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